Regulations holiday home

Please read carefully and observe scrupulously the following regulations.


Unless otherwise agreed and confirmed, check-in is possible from 3.30 pm until 8 pm. A late check-in is possible until midnight with extra charge. Please inform us about your arrival time and also about any delays with a phone call to 0039 030 980084. At your arrival, all identity documents (identity card or passport) must be shown for registration, as required by current legislation. Your data will be processed in accordance with current privacy legislation, you can find our policy at the internet address: A security deposit of 300 EUR is required which will be paid back at the departure.


The keys are handed over after visiting the apartment, where the guest can make sure that the apartment is in perfect condition and the guest is also given a list with the complete inventory. The guest must sign the so-called accommodation contract. The apartment keys also include a remote-controlled gate opener to access the parking lot. Please pay careful attention to keys and gate openers. In case of loss the gate opener costs 50 EUR. If the apartment keys are lost, locks must be replaced, these costs will be charged to the guest who lost the key.


The apartment must be returned by 11 am on the date of departure. If the appartment is not vacated, until 11 am, you will be charged with the costs of an additional night. Before your departure we kindly invite you to: - throw all waste in the appropriate bins outside on the terrace; - empty and clean the refrigerator - leave the kitchen tidy and clean - turn off the light of the whole apartment and turn off the air conditioning - close all windows and doors of the apartment - leave towels folded on the washing (also unused ones) - hand over the keys and remote control to the manager - report any malfunctions


The apartment is delivered clean, tidy and in a good state of maintenance and with a inventory list. Any reclaim must be reported to the management in person or by phone on the same day of check in. The kitchen area must be kept always clean. Please pay attention that only clean dishes are be stored in the kitchen cabinets, the same applies to cutlery, pots and equipment that you have used. The final cleaning does not include cleaning of the kitchen or equipment. It is a good safety rule to check that you do not leave any appliance on and make sure that doors and windows are closed. Guests must return the apartment orderly and the garbage must be disposed of in the bins outside on the terrace. On the day of the check-out a staff member will check the conditions of the apartment and the completeness of the equipment.


From 11 pm to 7 am it is necessary to observe the quiet at night.



– smoking inside the apartment
– bring any animal with you
– introduce into the apartment any tool for the preparation of meals or other electrical or gas appliances (ovens, barbecues etc.)
– change the layout of the furniture
– use the fire place in the living room
– the use of the masonry barbecue under the porch, there is a barbecue on wheels to be used exclusively outdoors, not under the external porch
– visitors are not allowed, neither in the apartment nor on the beach


For problems please contact the management who will promptly work to solve the problem.


The management is neither responsible for the theft or damage of objects left outside the apartment or in the garden nor is responsible for any damage inflicted to cars, motorcycles or bicycles in the parking lot.


Please separate your waste carefully in: organic, glass and metal, paper, plastic and undifferentiated and toss it in the bins which are located on the porch on the left side of the house.


The Management is not liable for losses, deterioration and theft in or outside the apartment or at the campsite. The Management is not liable for damages not attributable to its direct responsibility such as,natural disasters, fortuitous events, fire etc. All guests bathes in the lake at their own risk. The management cannot be liable for any damage during bathing or swimming.


Each guest is responsible for their behavior in the apartment and at the campsite/beach. In the event of accidents or damage attributable to you, you have to compensate for the damage costs, with the security deposit or with extra payment.


The Management reserves the right to expel those who are responsible for damage or vandalism, violate general rules of decency or the apartment regulations, especially if not registered persons have access to the apartment or garden.


In zone A (the buoy field) mooring is allowed only to boats and boats authorized by the management. It is forbidden to exchange and transfer mooring buoys to others. Buoys are allowed to moor only one unit. The assignee of the buoy who intends to renounce the assignment must notify the management of the campsite. The management of the campsite has the right to change the buoy number assigned for particular weather conditions, safety reasons or other. The rates for renting the buoy are part of the campsite's price list. The duration of the assignment is calculated per night. The boats must be moored with suitable ropes, owned by the boater and whose efficiency and adequacy he is solely responsible for. In the event of any damage, the responsible user shall provide compensation caused to the landing facilities, buoys or otherwise. The management of the campsite is not responsible for any theft in the moored boats. In the water it is not allowed to place your own buoys or other floating objects. The mooring of boats that do not have one of our buoys available is allowed only at anchor, however outside zones A and B. The user is also responsible for the behavior of his family and guests. The maneuvers of approach, removal and landing at the shore must always take place respecting the good rules of navigation and at speed of only gear inserted up to 100 meters perpendicular to the coast. The landing is allowed only on the right or left side of zone B.In zone B (bathing area) neither the transit nor the mooring of any boat is allowed, even for short periods of time. Zone B is reserved exclusively for bathing. We remind you that it is mandatory to turn off the engine of the boat when it is not needed. Children under 16 years of age are not permitted by drive any type of motor boat.