Where is ...


... the nearest ATM?

400 meters from the campsite.

... the nearest supermarket?

400 meters from the campsite (Italmark).

... the nearest post office?

600 meters from the campsite.

... the nearest mailbox?

100 meters from the campsite.

... the nearest restaurant or pizzeria?

300 meters from the campsite.

... the nearest pharmacy?

At 400 meters, near the Italmark supermarket.

... the nearest hospital?

At 200 meters.

... the nearest First Aid?

At 200 meters.

... the nearest veterinarian?

In Iseo but it is also possible to visit it directly at the campsite.

Is it possible to rent mountain bikes?

Yes, with "Iseo Bike".

Is there a crane to wing large boats?


Where is it possible to wing a boat with dimensions greater than 2.4 meters wide?

At 2 Km to the Pezzotti shipyard in Pilzone.

Where do the scheduled boats leave for Monteisola?

From the port of Iseo, about 15 minutes walk from the campsite.

How many rating stars does Punta D'Oro have?

The campsite has always had a rating of three stars. Since 2007 the Province of Brescia has adopted a new regulation for classification with new parameters and since then we have two stars. In all the new parameters our campsite would have had the opportunity to retain the three stars, except for this new one that concerns the surface in relation to the maximum number of people allowed in the campsite. Unfortunately it was not possible to fall within this parameter for a few square meters. It would have been possible to keep three stars by reducing the number of pitches but we decided to keep the campsite as it has always been.

Does an early request secure my booking ?

We are a small campsite. It is important to know that the number of lakeside pitches in the first row is limited. The same applies to pitches suitable for large caravans and motorhomes.

The timing of your inquiry does play a role in the booking process, but there are often multiple requests for a specific pitch or category. In these cases, the key factor is how the individual requests for the same pitch align to minimize the gaps between individual reservations. Additionally, we give preference to longer booking periods.

Therefore, an inquiry made on January 1st unfortunately does not always guarantee the desired pitch due to the complex coordination of reservations.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we strive to accommodate the wishes of all our guests as best as possible.


Do you accept group booking ?

Short answer: no.
It is very important to us that our campsite is a place of relaxation and tranquillity for our guests. To ensure this peaceful atmosphere, we do not accept group bookings (more than two bookings together). Although we appreciate the fun and sociability that often characterises groups, they can also lead to increased noise levels and disturb the peace and quiet of other guests. For this reason, the possibility of receiving visitors is also very limited. We thank you for your understanding.

How is the water quality of the lake ?


The lake water is checked twice a month during the bathing season (May to September) from the health authorities ATS Brescia and ATS Bergamo. There are 45 control points distributed along the entire shore of the lake, where water samples are taken and analyzed by certified laboratories.
The control point closest to the campsite is BREDINA. So far in the 2022 season (end of August), as in recent years, excellent water quality has always been certified.

What time does the reception have?

The reception is open from 9 am to 12.45 pm and from 13.30 pm to 9.30 pm.

From what time is it possible to arrive?

Not before 10:30 am.

Until what time is arrival possible?

Until  9:30 pm.

From what time is it possible to leave the campsite?

Not before 7:30 am.

Is the campsite guarded day and night?


Is it possible to pay using my credit card or debit card?


Is WIFI free?

Yes, the connection for two computers (or tablets or smartphones) is free.

Do you have a swimming pool?


Does it disturb the presence of the railway line outside the campsite?

The trains of this line do not travel at night and even during the day the number of trips is not high. Recently the railway company has renewed a lot of its trains with the result of making their passage quieter. Despite everything, however, during the day from the pitches closest to the road you hear the passage of the train.

Can friends or relatives come and visit me at the campsite?

There are two categories: day visitors and extra overnight guests.


Surprise visits are not possible, please inform your family and your friends about it.


- under no circumstances may the maximum number of six persons per pitch be exceeded, including children and visitors;
- only a single visit is permitted during your stay; multiple visits are not permitted, neither by the same nor different persons.
- visitors are obliged, when entering the campsite for the first time, to present proof of identity and pay the required fee. In case of non-registration the visitors' fee will be charged to you and your visitors have to leave the campsite immediately;
- day visitors are only permitted from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m;
- visitors are obliged to comply with the campsite regulations and not to disturb the other campsite guests.

Why are the visitors so strictly regulated ?

There are several reasons for this, for us the decisive ones are:

As a campsite we have a given a maximum number of people by law.

Imagine you are lying in your lounge chair, enjoying the pleasant rays of the sun on your skin and are very happy about the peace and quiet on the campsite. Every now and then you hear someone laughing or talking, but nothing that fundamentally disturbs your relaxation.

Then the family on the neighbouring pitch gets a visit from friends, and they laugh and talk all afternoon in undiminished volume.
And the same thing happens the next day and the day after because the friends are staying at the nearby hotel.

Would you have a relaxing holiday ?

Are dogs allowed in the campsite?

Yes, one dog per pitch is permitted. Dogs must ALWAYS be kept on a leash. For all their needs they must be accompanied outside the campsite. The use of bags is mandatory and the bags must be thrown into the residual waste container. Dogs can enter the lake water but they must not disturb other guests in any way .

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