We ask you to read our booking conditions carefully since, if necessary, we will refer to them. Campsite and hotel bookings across Europe are based on ‘accommodation contracts’ which are binding on both parties. There are no non-binding reservations or reservations that depend on the weather. Reservations without confirmation from us are not valid Reservations are valid only with our written booking confirmation by email or sms.

[ 1 ] Reservations without confirmation in written form are not valid

Except short-time reservations by phone which are valid without written confirmation (mail or SMS) and binding for both sides. 

[ 2 ] Reservation details are definite.

If details like the total length or width of your caravan (total length incl. towing bar), camper van or tent are not consistent with the confirmation Punta D´Oro reserves the right to cancel the reservation. Each family or group has to make its own booking. The number of persons must be clearly and fully indicated in the reservation request, additional persons which are not approved by the managment will not be permitted.

[ 3 ] Check-in and Check-out

The pitches are available not before 11.00 am and they have to be left before 10.30 am. No check-in between 12.15 pm and 2 pm.

[ 4 ]  Validity of reservations

Reservations for pitches without deposit lose validity after 5 pm, reservations with deposit after 9 pm. Afterwards Camping Punta D’Oro reserves the right to assign the pitch to someone else, except your timely communication (Tel. 0039 030 980084).

[ 5 ]  Assigned pitch number

With the confirmation of your reservation Punta D’Oro assures you the availability of a pitch. For compelling and organisational reasons, force majeure or other circumstances beyond managment’s control, Punta D’Oro may change the pitch number without any obligation to pay compensation.

[ 6 ]  Conditions for the accounting of the deposit
By deposit we mean the confirmatory deposit pursuant to art. 1384 of the Civil Code and corresponds, in general, to 30% of the total costs of the stay.
If you stick to your reservation the deposit is credited completely to the final bill.
If you cancel your reservation until 30 days before the arrival date you booked, Punta D´Oro will withhold 20 EUR as processing fee and repay the rest of the deposit.
If you cancel your reservation because of illness, personal reasons, bad weather or vehicle damage less than 30 days before the arrival date you booked, Punta D´Oro will withhold the deposit completely.
The total amount of the booked stay must be paid and the deposit will be credited completely in the event of delayed arrival or early departure due to weather conditions, vehicle damage, illness or personal reasons.


In case of travel alerts (in sense of a prohibition) and travel restrictions issued by the Italian government or by the goverment of the client’s home state:

– pronounced up to 15 days before the arrival date: based on the client’s wish the deposit willl be refunded (minus 20 EUR for fixed booking costs) or transformed 100% into a voucher valid for booking a further stay by October 15, 2023.

– 14 or less days before the arrival date: the deposit wil be converted 100% into a voucher valid for booking a further stay by October 15, 2023. 

Personal choices for cancelling the booking due to precaution, fear, work, quarantine or personal reasons do not give any right to a refund of the deposit or the trasformation into a voucher. 

[ 7 ] Camping stays or reservations without deposit

For camping stays without reservation it is necessary to pay in advance at your arrival. The same applies to reservations without deposit. In case of delayed arrival because of illness, personal reasons, bad weather or vehicle damage the direction of Punta D’Oro will charge the canceled nights.

[ 8 ]  Visitors


Normally in the season BASSA, MEDIA and ALTA1 friends or relatives are allowed to visit you on the camping site (with a maximum of four persons) but they have to hand over a document when they arrive and they have to pay a charge. In case of failed registration the costs will be charged on your bill. In the season ALTA2 visitors are not permitted.

[ 9 ]  Price list and campsite regulation 

Price list and campsite regulation are part of the conditions and terms of business for booking a pitch.

[ 10 ]  Advance payment 

The management reserves always the right to ask for payment in advance. With the advance payment the contract of accommodation is concluded.