The grassy beach of the campsite is equipped with showers and through a staircase and two slides you can easily access the lake. The bottom of the lake gradually descends thus allowing even the little ones to enjoy the lake. In June the water level normally begins to drop thus forming a second pebble beach. The lake is ideal for open water swimming.



With the scheduled boats you can easily reach Monte Isola or explore the whole lake. For information Navigation Lake Iseo.



It is possible to book the rental of different types of motor boats. Our guests are delivered directly to the campsite. Up to 41 horses license is not required. For information Global Nautic.



Monte Isola: + -

tour of the island (easy, even by bicycle) or up to the Madonna della Ceriola (600 asl).

ca. 1 hour 30 min.

Waterfall Trail: + -

1 hour and 20 min - 2 hours and 10 min.

Piramids of Zone: + -

ca. 1 hour.

Corna Trentapassi: + -

a beautiful view of Lake Iseo and the mountains of Valcamonica. Two routes (2 - 3 hours).

Punta Almana: + -

a wonderful view of Lake Iseo and Val Trompia, from the Forcella di Sale two routes:

Easy Tour, 1 hour;

Tour B only for climbers, 2 hours.

Antica Strada Valeriana: + -

a historic itinerary in the hills of 20 km length, recently recovered.

Le Torbiere: + -

this protected area near Iseo offers the opportunity to take beautiful walks. A hard ride approx. an hour. Dogs are not allowed.



Iseo: Bus del Quai,. Marone: Madonna della rota (600 m). Predore (almost all year round): Palestra di Roccia, Belvedere and Spolverine. Rogno: all year round. For detailed information: "Sport and modern climbing between Bergamo and Brescia" by Alessandro Ruggeri.



Various tours are available with different levels of difficulty: the Torbiere del Sebino, Monte Isola, in Franciacorta, in the mountains, from Marone to the Pyramids of Zone. Il territorio è anche ideale per tour con bici da corsa: dal giro del lago alle colline della Franciacorta arrivando alle ascensioni dei passi Gavia e Mortirolo. La Franciacorta e le colline che circondano il lago offrono percorsi ideali anche per le gravel bikes.