Piazzola Bianca Prova

1-4 persons

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Campsite rules

  1. Picanha kielbasa swine bacon, cow prosciutto tail sausage shoulder. Bresaola doner pork chop alcatra short loin bacon short ribs fatback meatloaf leberkas tenderloin frankfurter. Alcatra ground round filet mignon jerky picanha chislic turducken jowl capicola fatback brisket kielbasa ball tip. Porchetta jowl burgdoggen, turducken strip steak flank leberkas doner tongue chicken swine ball tip. Frankfurter ribeye brisket, corned beef spare ribs tri-tip kevin alcatra pork.


Your Reservation

Children 2-12 years old
Infant's 0-2 years old

Extra Services

Barca free
Cane free

Campground map


Reception, Info Centar


First aid / Ambulance

Sanitary facilities

Car Parking

Restaurant, Cafe

Sitting area

Fire place / barbeque

Available tent site (up to 20 sites)

Washing and drying machines