Conditions Apartment


We ask you to read our booking conditions carefully because we will refer to them if necessary. Campsite and hotel bookings across Europe are based on ‘accommodation contracts’ which are binding on both sides. There are no non-binding bookings or bookings which depend on the weather.

( 1 ) Bookings without confirmation are not valid. Reservations are valid only with our written booking confirmation by email or sms.

( 2 ) Booking details are binding The reservation is strictly personal and cannot be transferred to others. The number of persons must be indicated correctly in the request.

( 3 ) CHECK-IN
Check-in is possible from 3.30 pm to 8.00 pm. At the arrival the tourism contract has to be signed and the bill for the apartment must be settled.
Check-out is possible from 8:00 am and must done by 11:00 am.
( 5 ) Validity of the reservation
The apartment is available from 3.30 pm to 8.00 pm. In case the guest does not arrive by 8.00 pm (no show), and we do not receive a message by phone or SMS until 8.00 pm, the booking loses its validity.

( 6 ) Conditions for the accounting

By deposit we mean the confirmatory deposit pursuant to art. 1384 of the Civil Code and corresponds, in general, to 25% of the total costs of the stay.

If you stick to your reservation the deposit is credited completely to the final bill.
If you cancel your reservation until 30 days before the arrival date you booked, Punta D´Oro will withhold 30 EUR as processing fee and repay the rest of the deposit.
If you cancel your reservation because of illness, personal reasons, bad weather or vehicle damage less than 30 days before the arrival date you booked, Punta D´Oro will withhold the deposit completely.
The guest has to pay as booked also in the event of delayed arrival or early departure due to weather conditions, vehicle damage, illness or personal reasons.

( 7 ) Visitors

Visitors are not permitted, neither in the apartment, nor in the campsite, not even for short visits.

( 8 ) Price list and holiday home regulations

The price list and and the regulations of the holiday home are integral part of the booking conditions

( 9 ) Payment at arrival

Payment is required upon arrival at the check-in. The payment constitutes the conclusion of the contract.

( 10 ) Security deposit

A secutity deposit of the amount of 300 EUR has to paid during the check-in (cash or with instant deposit). Before the check-out a staff member will control the state of the apartment and the inventory and pay back the deposit immediately (cash or instant deposit). Only in case of damage which is caused by the guest(s) or missing equipment we will be forced to use the rent deposit to cover the costs of repair and/or replacement. The guest has to pay the costs in full.

( 11 ) COVID 19

In case of travel alerts (in sense of a prohibition) and travel restrictions issued by the Italian government or by the government of the client’s home state:

– pronounced up to 15 days before the arrival date: based on the client’s wish the deposit will be refunded (minus 20 EUR for fixed booking costs) or transformed 100% into a voucher valid for booking a further stay by October 15, 2023.

– 14 or less days before the arrival date: the deposit will be converted 100% into a voucher valid for booking a further stay by October 15, 2023. 

Personal choices for cancelling the booking due to precaution, fear, work, quarantine or personal reasons do not give any right to a refund of the deposit or the transformation into a voucher.